Friday, 23 September 2016

Shortly before week 4 kicks off ..

If Fridays night’s ASU match-up against Texas San Antonio was a Hoers-d’oeuvre for the Pac12 weekend it was sugar free jelly on a stale saltine. The Devils did manage to eke out a win over a cupcake with a late score and in six weeks it will just be one in the win column. The most glaring “highlight” was a pair of 54-yard field goals that were the ONLY special thing about their special teams play for the night. Manny Wilkins displayed consistency in being just a little short on most of his long passes though he scattered a couple that hit his receivers right in the hands. It may not be any better in Tempe when Cal Shows up.

The Bears knocked off Texas for the second year in a row but the game didn’t feel right. The two sort of took turns having brain farts with Bears having one less. I look for the same when they take on the Sun Devils and am throwing a dart, not a trident, when I pick Cal to build up some false hope back home in Berkely.


After Utah Sacked Southern Utah, pretty much non-stop and the Trojans continued to forget about this guy named McCaffery again and a again to their detriment the two face off in Utah. It’s hard to see Utah scoring enough points in a low scoring game to win but it is just as hard to think USC has a game plan. They haven’t had one yet this year. I guess I’ll pick the home team by a few points in a contest that won’t produce a top-10 play on ESPN.

Boise State is leaving the Smurf Turf to play on the Cow Pasture in Corvallis. They took care of WSU, a PAC12 team with a better offense than Oregon State has. While the Beavers are better than they were last year, it won’t show in the final score. BSU will have a short flight home.

Stanford and UCLA might put together the only decent game on the schedule for the conference this week. It’ll be only one team doing it though. Rosen is still too inconsistent and McCaffery will find plenty of holes in the Bruins’ blind man bluff defense, He may not play much in the 4th quarter.

Washington is beginning to impress me, even against as much resistance as I can muster. Arizona isn’t. The Huskies will go home with one more win before disaster hits.
If Oregon understood reading, as in whether to go for one or two points after a TD, or math which could have been in their favor, they probably would have made it least to overtime against Nebraska. As it was one of the best kickers in the country watched the whole game from the bench as the Ducks went down by three. It won’t be that way this week. It could be a shoot-out or a wipe-out but Oregon’s scores will be divisible by sevens and threes with nary a two to mess things up. Speakink of twos Colorado’s dream lasted until the second half in Michigan and they won’t do much better in

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